With over 15 years of experience and the most modern technology in the field, we are able to achieve high-quality windows and doors: a successful option for your comfort.
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A council responsible for the best solution.
Since 1854 Winkhaus is dedicated to quality, without compromise, and that was the way to success. Thanks to numerous innovations, constantly imposed new standards of
quality as far as the window hardware and security door locks.
The Winkhaus products stand at the forefront of technology made in Germany.

Burglary Protection

Retaining plate made of standard steel

Innovative System

Manual adjustment, fast and precise, for contact pressure<br />

High quality

Harmonious Design<br />

Energy saving

Unique micro-ventilation system

provided with four ventilation positions<br />

Easy maintenance and cleaning

A device raises the leaf and is anti false-maneuver

Winkhaus activPilot Comfort PADK