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EvolineSystem EVO TOP LINE

Technical details

6-chamber profile

Central gasket

Construction depth: 82 mm

Up to Uw = 0.74 W/(m2K)

Sound insulation: up to 47 dB

Burglary resistance class 2

Square classic design

Available with ``z`` holster with 35mm fin and 58mm fin restoration


The EVO TOP LINE system adds a completely new dimension to the concept of energy conservation. The use of a central gasket in the frame further improves the thermal and acoustic performance properties of your windows. Moreover, the sophisticated sealing system provides reliable protection against the effects of weather and makes your home luxuriously comfortable at any time of year.

It combines superior energy conservation with innovative sealing technology at the highest level and is ideally suited as a component for passive houses. Heat losses are reduced by the use of these specially optimised frame and sash designs with a thermally improved edge seal in conjunction with an insulating triple glazing. And that saves you money!